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Forecasting & Resource Management

Resource Management in a convenient Web Application

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Initially developed for Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Forecasting & Resource Management Tool originated in the need to improve resource tracking within the organization. How could resources be shared efficiently across departments? To meet this challenge, an easily accessible, intuitive web application was needed to display data in a dynamic, interactive way.

Building the Forecasting & Resource Management Tool incorporated all of the requirements needed to track the resources in a department on a monthly basis. Analysts and Managers are able to view the actuals, requirements and labor pool to discover trends and anomalies in the data. By showing a clear picture of how resources are being used, the tool enables decision makers to better plan, manage and share resources.

Key Features

Modular codebase for application specific needs

Scalable to seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth

User management with access levels and customizable user profiles

Admin level pages to manage user access, wbs structures and database mappings

Import directly from PeopleSoft, P6, and Excel

Management of actual reported labor and projected labor requirements

Interactive line and horizon charts to show trends

Feature rich, editable data tables with a custom pivot table for in depth analysis

Customized reports highlighting trends in the data

Forecasting & Resource Management Tool collage of tool screen views.
A collage of select views from the RCT. Charting by WBS, work group and resource in a stacked or horizon style view enable analysis of data from multiple angles. Staff report and comment management views expand reach to drive analysis.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool collage of more tool screen views.
A collage of reporting views from the RCT. Pivot tables and trending data reporting give granularity to data analysis. A help section provides self guided answering of common questions.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool portfolio page screenshot displaying charts.
A Portfolio Summary page breaks down the data at the Department level. Interactive charts show data trends over select timeframes with monthly data.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool data tables screenshot displaying tables functionality.
Complimenting the charts, data tables break down the data further. Shown above, Full Time Equivalents are shown for projects and work groups. The ability to set the percent delta/resource review threshold highlights any data that falls outside of an accepted range. Expandable rows provide efficient use of vertical space while allowing lower levels to be viewed on demand.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool data table screenshot displaying the site level resources breakdown.
Having a clear picture of where available resources are is essential to effective planning. In this example, Full Time Equivalents for resources at the department level are shown in a clear, tabular format.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool screenshot displaying horizon charts breaking down a Work Group.
Horizon charts present the data in a stacked view for many items within a category, in this case by work group. This view allows for efficient analysis showing data variance and spikes. The charts are interactive with monthly data display, max delta highlighting and a sliding scale for detailed comparison.
Forecasting & Resource Management Tool screenshot displaying the interactive Trending Analysis chart.
One available report, the Trending Analysis Report, enables comparing datasets over time. In this example, comparing requirements at select dataset dates illustrates how the dataset projections are maturing. Using this report assists analysts and managers in keeping their projections on track.
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