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Process Design

PMWorks has years of experience designing and implementing Project Management and Project Controls processes.

Our approach aligns an organization's processes with its strategic objectives to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive overall business and project performance. We leverage our expertise in Project Controls, Program Management and Earned Value to design integrated business processes, and to create detailed documentation for training, reviews, and audits.

Process areas described below provide an example of the business spheres where we commonly assist our clients.

Project Controls Design

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PMWorks' consultants are experts in Project Controls requirements across industries, and the software applications commonly used to manage and integrate Project Controls datasets. We have helped our clients develop complete Project Controls systems from scratch, as well as support the redesign and improvement of existing process systems.

We can assist clients in developing effective, efficient processes for managing schedule development, price estimating, baselining, progress assessments, performance measurements, monthly reporting, variance analysis, and other subjects that are necessary for successfully managing and controlling project costs and performance.

Program Management Office Design

PMWorks has assisted clients in multiple industries with the development and roll out of Program Management Offices to better manage multi-project portfolios, allocate resources across competing requirements and commitments, and standardize operations, procedures, and training across the organization.

We understand that setting up or redesigning a PMO involves significant change in most organizations. We ensure that key stakeholders are involved from the outset, and that the client's senior leadership are active supporters and sponsors of any PMO efforts. We strive to design a PMO that is well suited to the current organization's practices and culture, whether that means a shared services approach, a consultative center of excellence, or a governing agency with clear hierarchies and regulations.

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Earned Value Management System Description

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PMWorks has written dozens of Earned Value Management System Descriptions for clients needing to achieve or maintain US government approved EV certification. We have extensive templates and example work instructions that can be quickly customized to match an organization's EV practices and requirements. We can also use the occasion of creating an EVMS Description as an opportunity to assess and refine current practices to confirm that they will meet the certification requirements.

Reviews, Assessments, and Surveillance Support

PMWorks regularly supports clients with ongoing reviews and assessments of project related process compliance, data quality, and performance metrics. We have extensive experience in supporting project surveillance reviews for clients working with the DCMA, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and multiple divisions of the Department of Defense. We assist clients in review preparation involving gathering and collating documents and artifacts, and in preparing datasets and reports for submissions. Our experts will also participate in reviews to answer complex questions about data and processes, and will continue to support any required follow up actions, reporting, and process modifications.

We also assist many of our clients with internal assessments used to monitor data quality and accuracy, and adherence to process and business requirements. These internal reviews may range from informal meetings to structured, periodic seminars with predefined compliance criteria and output.

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