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Project Execution

PMWorks' Project Execution support services focus on providing short- or long-term cross-functional process and toolset resources for any phase of the project life cycle - pre-award, initiation, planning, execution, and monitor and control.

PMWorks consultants understand sector unique business conditions, challenges, terminology, reporting, and government customer expectations for projects with or without earned value management (EVM) requirements. We have the experienced project managers, master schedulers, project control specialists, cost analysts, risk managers, and project control software experts when you need them.

Project Controls

Project controls comparing cost and quality

Our expert resources can help you with the various project control activities such as entering progress in the integrated master schedule (IMS), calculating work package earned value data from the schedule status, importing actual costs into the project control cost toolset, and maintaining the estimate to complete data following the project's status and analysis cycle.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVMS) is a systematic framework to communicate project progress and performance across all levels of the project management team and to key stakeholders. The earned value indicators provide quantifiable project data for identifying, analyzing, understanding, and resolving problems. The project management team is able to be proactive in engaging potential problems before they have a major impact to the project thus preventing surprises that cost the project time and money.

Earned value management showing data over time

Risk Management

Risk management showing digital tools

Risk management involves the client's state/gap analysis of risk process: risk identification, assessment, analysis, evaluation, reporting and mitigation strategies. The implementation of enterprise risk management can facilitate better capital resource allocation decisions, increase operational efficiency, and enhance a company's risk control efforts to support compliance and governance initiatives.

Data Integration and Management

The intent of toolset integration is to maintain a single authoritative source for data with specific integration points to ensure data integrity and traceability. This reduces the level of effort required to maintain the data. It also increases the timeliness and quality of the data available for management decisions.

Data integration and management

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